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"Love is on my mind, captivating my thoughts, all because Love brought me the beauty of the world."

Kenyan-American recording artist Moiro Konchellah is a soul singer and songwriter. Moiro (pronounced MOYrow) hit the ground running in 2021 with the release of the warm and soothing "Know Us" in February, and closed out April with the bright up-tempo bop, "Oh Love".

Moiro hails from Belle Glade, Florida, where she began honing her writing and vocal arranging skills between the school chorus, the church choir, and her front porch. She studied voice at the historic Fisk University, toured and recorded with the Grammy Award-winning Fisk Jubilee Singers.

While balancing teaching, working in music ministry and the nights & weekends of “BGV Life” after college, Moiro continued to write and arrange for herself & her friends before she penned what would become her debut single, “Who” in 2013; it would later be produced by Ron Black (BlackReign Music) in 2018.

Now in Los Angeles, the next leg of Moiro's artisty is met with intention, passion, and gratitude. 💛

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